Hockey Bar Mitzvah

Hockey Bar Mitzvah

Amazing Hockey Bar Mitzvah for Brandon!

Hockey Bar Mitzvah Student Star On Ice!

A little late in posting, but fond memories keep going.

Before he changed into his ‘party clothes’, Brandon did an Awesome job in becoming a Bar Mitzvah in the same style as 007!  Smooth, suave, impressive!  Also, much like a hockey player on the ice.  Even with all the equipment they wear.   Did I happen to mention that Brandon plays hockey.  So much of it, that his Bar Mitzvah lesson schedule was arranged around hockey.

Brandon and I bonded during classes and made the experience a joyful one.  He just knew how to entertain and make the Rabbi laugh throughout all the preparations.  I always state to the parents of my students, I make it a point this experience will be an enjoyable one.   For Brandon, it is a true fact from his Rabbi.

Mazel Tov!  Brandon, on becoming a Bar Mitzvah.  Score!

All of this Rabbi’s students, no matter what their career goals will always have that special connection.  I look forward watching them grow.

Maybe a professional hockey player;  or a dancer with a future dance company opportunity.  They are just a few students that may find their rabbi in the audience proud to say, “I knew you when.”

Note:  there are students with the possibility of a career that could be in sports or the arts.  Like the Olympians started their dedications when they were young, there are those students we often do not hear of until their bar bat mitzvah preparations need to start.  Finding what works with the schedules is one of the benefits to a private bar bat mitzvah program.




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