Helping Others

Where are the Jobs in this recession? I am hearing more and more that there are jobs, but too many people for one position.

I can no longer sit around and not do anything, so I created this page for Employers to post your employment opportunities for the job seekers.

Its simple, just post your positions. Looking for the professional, office personnel to fill that empty desk? You have the job opening and need that person with the experience to fill the position. Post it here!

We need to help others and think about all those that do not know how they are going to keep their homes, pay their monthly bills, the bare basics. The internet job web sites are flooded and all the job seekers do not know where to turn to find positions with their experience.

Walking the pavement was the old way to find work, the HR (Human Resources) Departments are not seeing accepting walk-ins in person unless an interview is scheduled. Besides, most offices today have security desks and key cards, no longer can anyone walk into the companies HR Departments. The Job Fairs are over crowded and the companies are simply collecting resumes or guiding all to simply apply online. What is the solution?

If you are a recruiter, please only post positions that you can actually fill, that you can seriously send someone on an interview. Collecting resumes is wasting time for the job seeker, false hopes. Your postings will be reviewed and if it is not a real job, please do not post. It is understandable that you do not earn a living without the job seekers, but leading someone on is more damaging in these scary times. Have a heart.

Employers in companies, post your open positions, helping those will help your company succeed in this downward cycle called the recession. Find your next employee here.

Help those in need will benefit all.

Note: All postings are reviewed – if it is not a real employment position, please do not bother to post.

Do not forget to include contact information on how a an applicant can apply for the employment position.

I pray that we call help each other.

Employers, Post Your Positions Here!!

Your company has openings. The amount of people seeking are in abundance. The well known online jobs web sites are overwhelming.

No matter what faith you are, helping others is part of us. We are taught it when we are very young, we hear all the time – now lets help those struggling to put milk and bread on the table and keep that roof over their head.

If you just purchased a new car, a new home and know the good feeling, then lets pass on that good feeling onto others.

All that is required is to post.

Share Your Employment Opportunities

Do not forget how a Job Seeker can apply and or contact.

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