Havdalah Service Bar Mitzvah


Havdalah Service
Bar Mitzvah Torah Cake for Cobe


Havdalah Service in Judaism
is an evening Shabbat Prayer Service

Add a Bar Mitzvah, a very special memory for family and friends.  Mazel Tov!  Shabbat is about reflecting and gathering together. For Cobe  became a Bar Mitzvah. He did a great job and all his family and friends of the family participated, making it a memorable Shabbat Havdalah Service Ceremony.  Time honored moment highlights: Grandma presented his traditional Tallit with joy; Cobe’s 3 Great Uncles joined him for the closing ceremony prayers; Mom past the Torah to her son. L’Dor V’Dor, from Generation to Generation, to Generation.

Not forgetting of course his Big brother, younger cousin and all those honored with an Aliyah.

Future Professional Basketball Sportscaster! Amazing talk on the game of Basketball. I am his professional reference. (Smiles)

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