Don’t have a huge wedding!

Make it personal, close family and friends. That’s it that’s all, it’s yours and your special day so enjoy it!

So true on the above.

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Don’t have a huge wedding!

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So true!
by: Gavin

Couldn’t agree more Rabbi Andrea Frank! My friend Ross is currently on his way to having a wedding so large it can only be described as “as big as a pastrami on rye from Katz’s”. I’m afraid this may deter from the pure bliss which should be a traditional Jewish wedding day.

Do you have any advice for this young man?


Gavin Filmorestein

Reply from Rabbi Andrea Frank

Hello Gavin,

Thank you for sharing about your friend’s Katz’s Deli size Pastrami sandwich Jewish Wedding Day.

My advice, hire a Wedding Planner. When having a wedding ceremony / reception that large, the couple should not handle all the details and simply leave it to the professionals. You never know what could happen on the actual wedding day and the wedding planner is trained, experienced to handle all. Yes, this Rabbi experienced just that a few times, and the Wedding Planners took care of all.

Being a proud Member of the Association for Bridal Consultants (ABC) (Nationwide) offers me that insight. I’ve attended the workshops, was honored as a Guest Speaker about All things, ‘Jewish Weddings’. ABC Members call upon me for consultations when seeking some guidance for our Jewish life cycle ceremonies. It’s a joy to assist.

There is more to Wedding Planning than one may think.

This way the Katan (bridegroom) and the Kalah (bride) can focus on the most important part of the day. Their Jewish Wedding ceremony that has the best ending with a wonderful beginning – Marriage!

If the couple is in the middle of the wedding planning, no worries, a wedding planner can still be called upon.

Thank you again Gavin and all the best in sharing this extra special Simcha for your friend will be sharing his life with his beshert (soul mate).

Mazel Tov!

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