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Often Rabbi Andrea Frank will receive requests for services other than fall under the life cycle ceremonies such as Jewish Wedding Ceremony, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Baby Naming, Unveiling, Funeral and Pet Funeral. They’re not exactly for officiating the above type ceremonies, in fact they are not at all, but the requests do relate to them.

One request Rabbi Andrea received was to write a Pet Funeral for a beloved pet. The pet funeral was taking place at an official pet cemetery, but it was too far in miles for her to officiate. So, the Rabbi did the next best thing… she wrote the Pet Funeral Service and a family member lead the service. All worked out beautifully and the pet owner made a donation to the Rabbi Discretionary fund.

Another request came from someone who lost her spouse. In these economic times, it was difficult to afford a Rabbi to officiate. Rabbi Andrea chose to forfeit her Honorarium and wrote the Unveiling service for her so she could honor the memory of her spouse with a marker, a monument as per tradition. To the Rabbi’s surprise, when business picked up for her, a small donation was sent to her Discretionary fund.

What is a Discretionary Fund? It is a fund that allows the Rabbi to simply use it at her discretion to assist others when needed. Rabbi Andrea does not have set fees for various requests, so she does the next best thing, leaves it at their discretion to donate what they feel and at times, what they can afford. A donate button is available below.

“I enjoy what I do and am blessed to provide to those in need. Whether it is for a beautiful wedding ceremony where I am not the officiating rabbi or to honor those in memory.” says Rabbi Andrea.

Shalom U’Veracha – With Peace and Blessing, Rabbi Andrea Frank

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