Destination Weddings – the 10 Tips Guide Bride and Grooms

Destination Weddings – 10 Tips Guide Brides and Grooms by Rabbi Andrea Frank

Destination Weddings

Destination Jewish Wedding Ceremony On The Beach

After many destination weddings and ceremonies; after seeing the details once upon arrival at the destination; after experiencing first hand leading up to officiating the ceremony, the 10 Tips For Having A Perfect Destination Wedding Ceremony is appearing on The Concierge Questionaire – YouRHere – Travel

The dream to have a beach side wedding with the white sandy beach. The crystal blue water glitters in the back ground.  The sun setting creates an intimate setting.  Planning the details from a distance can take place with good communication and fabulous people who you hire to assist you properly.  The 10 Tips are written with you in mind, the brides and grooms.  Planning destination weddings, planning your wedding day can go in many directions.  Of course, we always pray, they go smoothly, easy because that is what you had in mind.

The wind picks up, the outside Ketubah signing needs to go inside. The forecast is clear skies, then suddenly the sky is gray.    The good news, all your family and friends arrived a day or two before your wedding day.  Everyone is there for your wedding.  However, what about the location where your wedding ceremony is to take place?   The Chuppah!  What about after all the long distance planning, you arrive.  What will be in place, what will not be in place?  Are you ready to deal with all?   Will all go smoothly according to the plans?

Why is the focus of this article on the 10 Tips.  Being the Rabbi, having traveled to the destination locations watching all unfold before her.   The good news, all of my wedding ceremonies were conducted.  All the brides and grooms were brought together in marriage.  That was the main focus.  Getting there might have offered a bit of excitement.  We enjoyed all and celebrated.

With experience, the opportunity to offer you the information that you may not of thought of  for destination weddings.    It does depend how many details you are planning.  More or less,  there will always be details to cover when you still want the day to be special.  When your plans go accordingly, it makes looking forward a pleasant experience.  When a few details are missed, the unnecessary stress is upon you.   The details, the plan, the check lists, your ready!   No matter what, it will be the magical day for the two of you being united in marriage.  That is your focus, that is the plan.

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