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Dear Rabbi,

If we were to get married in Mexico and invite a Rabbi to officiate, would it be considered ‘legal’ or do we still have to have an officiant in Mexico? We are Texas residents.

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Dear Bride-to-Be,

A Rabbi would only make your Jewish wedding legally binding by way of Jewish law. For your marriage to be recognized by State law, it is a process with the Marriage Laws in Mexico. It consists of and to name a few; blood tests, required to be in Mexico for a certain number of days, and costly fees that in United States, do not exist.

I often guide my couples whom want to have a wedding in Mexico to take care of the Civil Marriage (legal) in the United States and then have your Jewish Wedding Ceremony (or what we call the formal religious ceremony) in Mexico.

It is less stressful and you can enjoy your destination wedding on the beach in Mexico with family and friends.

Mazel Tov!

Rabbi Andrea Frank

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Destination Wedding in Mexico

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by: Anonymous

Would i be able still to have a ketubah signed during my formal ceremony in Mexico

Response from Rabbi Andrea
If you are having a Rabbi officiate your formal Jewish Wedding Ceremony, of course you can have a Ketubah signed with two Jewish witnesses and the officiant.

You would order your Ketubah in the states and travel with it to your destination wedding ceremony. You only need to roll it in reverse to flatten it from the round tube that protects it.

Mazel Tov!

Shopping for a Ketubah – will take care of all couples with their Ketubah needs. They offer a 10% Discount Voucher. Use the Code KRFJ8A10A when you place your Ketubah order.

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