Destination Bar Mitzvah

Destination Bar Mitzvah

Ben becomes a Bar Mitzvah in the Caribbean

The Tropical, Destination Bar Mitzvah!

A destination Bar Mitzvah is not new news for this rabbi.  I have traveled within the United States to complete my student’s Bar Bat Mitzvah preparations with their formal Mitzvah Jewish Ceremony.

However, it was my first destination Bar Mitzvah in the Caribbean.  There is a first for everyone and it was certainly a joyous experience!  Fresh mango, cocoa trees, sugar cane and coffee bean trees with the green luster  of the true island experience. Not to mention a few chickens, roosters and goats.   This framed the true beauty of G-d’s country as Ben became a Bar Mitzvah.

Including a small highlight that a few locations, nearby, was where the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed.


The virtual classroom has made it all possible to teach students around the world.  The connection between Rabbi and student offered more meaning with the technology that is available to us today.

I look forward to my next adventures…connecting with more students and creating their Mitzvah Ceremony into one memorable experience.


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