by Phyllis
(Los Angeles, CA)

In an interfaith wedding ( bride is Jewish) does the groom wear a kepah while under the chupah? The wedding is being officiated by a rabbi.


Reply from Rabbi Andrea Frank
Thank you for your question.

The groom will often wear a Kippah, Yarmulke in support/respect for his bride, and her family. The most important fact is that the groom standing under the Chuppah wedding canopy along with his bride are receiving G-d’s blessings in Marriage. Then, this would be a very good reason to be wearing one.

However, the Reform Movement does offer it as an option to wear a Yarmulke or not.

Then there is the consideration of the bridegroom’s comfort level. At the same time, since the couple has reached this point, planning to marry, and the bride is Jewish, the wedding couple as already established the acceptance of Judaism in their relationship.

Judaism and the beautiful Jewish customs and traditions will not only be present in their Jewish Wedding ceremony, but also in their marriage, and in their home.

Mazel Tov!

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