Chanukah Eight Days And Nights – Eight Questions

Chanukah Eight Days - The Oil

The Oil Lasted For Eight Nights

Chanukah Eight Days and Nights


This page was arranged by answering the Eight ‘burning’ questions about the story of Chanukah.   Podcast videos are divided into Eight Segments connecting to the Eight Nights of Chanukah.  Chanukah is called the Festival of Lights for Eight Nights.  Learn about when the holiday and or festival begins.  Why there is chocolate money.  What is the festival all about.  Enjoy all 8 audio segments as you learn about Chanukah Eight Days and Nights.  Why do we light them the lights at night and call them days?  Listen and learn the answers to the questions.


What is Chanukah?

What is the Menorah?

The Miracle of Chanukah.

The Observation of Chanukah

The Prayers of Chanukah

Chanukah Eight Nights

Chanukah Eight Nights

Chanukah Eight Days - Dreidel Dredel on Chanukah

Dreidel Game for Chanukah




How Many Nights Are There Of Chanukah?


When Does Chanukah Start?

Why Do People Eat Chocolate Money?

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