Moses, Pharaoh Rejects!

DID YOU KNOW MOSES WAS REJECTED TEN TIMES, 10, BY PHARAOH? For those that celebrate and joining together soon around the table, it will be Passover Seder 2017. The joy of the gathering, the joy of the delicious food, the joy of being together to … [Read more...]

Ketubah Proofing

Wow!  Three!  Not one, not two, but three Ketubot (plural for Ketubah) proofed in one day!  Love when my Wedding Couples honor this time honored, wedding custom with a Ketubah, the Marriage License from Ancient times.   #ketubah … [Read more...]

A Zissen Pesach – Jewish Festival Greeting

A Zissen Pesach is the Yiddish and Hebrew word combination on the Passover Greeting.  You are greeting a person that celebrates the Passover Holiday Festival to have a Sweet Passover. … [Read more...]

Passover Passed! 

 … [Read more...]

Freedom – thank You

Thank You to those that serve and fought for our freedom on this day we are reminded of our freedom. a href=""> … [Read more...]

Jewish Wedding (after twenty-four hours) by The Jewish Wedding Rabbi

Congratulations! You’re engaged to be married; so joyful for you both. Jewish wedding ceremonies in the state of New York can take place after the marriage license waiting period. (see below) Your families are so happy; you are going to have a … [Read more...]

Jewish Couples, Jewish Wedding Blessings by The Jewish Wedding Rabbi

God is the ultimate matchmaker for Jewish couples. In the Talmud, it is believed that before the conception of a male child, the heavens announce who that child will marry. A match made in heaven. When growing up, my grandmother often stated in … [Read more...]

Interfaith Couples

Interfaith Couples, Interfaith Jewish Wedding Interfaith couples, couples even of the same faith, they are all mixed marriages. Having grown up in different circumstances challenges them to find common ground and agreements with which both … [Read more...]

Spiritual Ceremony Civil Wedding

Today there are more and more people who are beginning to go with a spiritual ceremony mixed into civil weddings, especially between couples who are not extremely religious. Civil weddings also provide a whole lot of flexibility as well and the … [Read more...]

Military Marriage vs. Non-Military Marriage

There is a special connection between military wives, and husbands. Military marriage is not some silly selected segregation. Nobody but a military wife can know the torment that they live through every day. When they are away it hurts, and even when … [Read more...]

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