Jewish Gathering – A Chavurah – A Gathering

I have a Vision.  Vision is NOW a Reality! I would like to see it before me - a Jewish Gathering. A space, a place to gather - to study, to pray, to share Not formal, but comfortable A place in that space to remember our beloveds - a … [Read more...]

Rabbi in the Torah – Jewish History, the Past, the Present, the Internet

About Rabbis' – a brief history In the Torah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob and a brother to Joseph was Levi. After Joseph came to be a power in Egypt and a great famine struck the land, his father and brothers came to live there with him. Several … [Read more...]

Pet Funeral for Pet Owners

Have a a dignified pet funeral officiated by a Rabbi for pet owners and their families. In the first book of Moses, Genesis, many species of animals were created by God. In the story of Noah, God commanded Noah to build an ark with specific … [Read more...]

Rabbi Services from Rabbi Andrea Frank – Contact Form

  Rabbi Services from Rabbi Andrea Frank   Skip to CONTACT FORM Here   Toll-Free Number: 888-214-3821 Rabbi Services - assistance when needed for your Life Cycle Events (Simchas) - significant milestones in a Jewish life. From … [Read more...]

Tzedakah (charity) is a fundamental part of the Jewish way of life.

Judaism is a religion of what you do, not what you believe. Tzedakah is offering of charity either monetary or the giving of your time to those in need. How one was to perform righteous acts was laid out in an elaborate set of instructions — first … [Read more...]

Torah and Chuppah – Reform Rabbi Brings The Ceremonies To You!

What does a traveling Torah, a portable hand-held Chuppah have to do with an interfaith Reform Rabbi? Everything! Well, everything that pertains to a Jewish life cycle ceremony. If at this time you have not read the Jewish Wedding and Jewish … [Read more...]

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