Matchmaker – A Rabbi makes a Match!

"Matchmaker, make me a Match!" The well known phrase from the movie Fiddler on the Roof. Dolly, of the movie Hello Dolly was one. In Crossing Delancy, Amy Irving's character met her match with the help of her grandmother who hired one. It began … [Read more...]

Key Elements of Wedding Ceremony – Jewish

Jewish Wedding Key Elements Key Elements of wedding ceremony, Jewish is the Physical, Visual Ritual Items with Symbolism such as: Kiddush Cups, the vessels that hold the fruit of the Vine grows from the earth that sustains us. The Chuppah the … [Read more...]

Marriage Guidance: A Guide for a Happy Marriage

Below, the Marriage Guidance may not be for all couples, because of certain variables in a couple's life, but should be for most. Marriage Guidance offers practical key points that should be integrated and or should already exist in a marriage. … [Read more...]

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