Ketubah News!

Ketubah! Super excited to have been informed that MPArtworks, the Ketubah Artist, Micah Parker has created Paper Cut Ketubot (plural for Ketubah). I refer all my couples to order their Ketubah from MPArtworks. He and his staff takes care of my … [Read more...]

Ketubah Promo Code

New Ketubah Designs with a Ketubah Promo Code, Ketubah Discount Have you seen the new Ketubot (Ketubah) Designs at Did you also know you can save 10% with the Jewish Wedding Rabbi's Discount Code, Ketubah Promo Code. Use this code … [Read more...]

The Jewish Marriage Ketubah is a Beautiful Work of Art Legally Joining Two Lives in a Forever Commitment

From it's inception, the Jewish marriage Ketubah changed the future of Jewish brides-to-be. Every Jewish couple should acquaint themselves with ketubah history and it's importance in providing protection and equality in marriage. The Jewish … [Read more...]

Ketubah Samples – Artistic Expression in Ketubah

Read a brief history of the Ketubah and the available Texts Ketubah Samples - there are only a few to display, but it offers an idea how vibrant they are and can be appealing with artistic expression. Below, ketubah samples are linked directly to … [Read more...]

Ketubah is The Jewish Wedding Contract by the Jewish Wedding Rabbi

The Jewish Wedding Contract is the mutual agreement between man and woman - the Ketubah. “It is not good that Man should be alone; I will make a helpmate for him.” (Genesis 2:18) Helpmate in the Talmud defines the purpose of husband and wife is … [Read more...]

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