Weddings – You are the One!

Weddings - this is why I Do what I Do! You've reached the page that started it all for this Rabbi on the internet, weddings.  After much research, discovering that bride, grooms, mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-groom, father-of-the-bride and … [Read more...]

Breaking the Glass – Jewish Custom

Jewish Weddings Breaking the Glass: Breaking Through the Glass Almost universally in all cultures, a broken glass signifies something. For some broken glass brings seven years of good luck, for others broken glass is believed to have quite the … [Read more...]

Ketubah News!

Ketubah! Super excited to have been informed that MPArtworks, the Ketubah Artist, Micah Parker has created Paper Cut Ketubot (plural for Ketubah). I refer all my couples to order their Ketubah from MPArtworks. He and his staff takes care of my … [Read more...]

Ketubah Promo Code

New Ketubah Designs with a Ketubah Promo Code, Ketubah Discount Have you seen the new Ketubot (Ketubah) Designs at Did you also know you can save 10% with the Jewish Wedding Rabbi's Discount Code, Ketubah Promo Code. Use this code … [Read more...]

The Jewish Marriage Ketubah is a Beautiful Work of Art Legally Joining Two Lives in a Forever Commitment

From it's inception, the Jewish marriage Ketubah changed the future of Jewish brides-to-be. Every Jewish couple should acquaint themselves with ketubah history and it's importance in providing protection and equality in marriage. The Jewish … [Read more...]

Rabbi Services from Rabbi Andrea Frank – Contact Form

  Rabbi Services from Rabbi Andrea Frank   Skip to CONTACT FORM Here   Toll-Free Number: 888-214-3821 Rabbi Services - assistance when needed for your Life Cycle Events (Simchas) - significant milestones in a Jewish life. From … [Read more...]

Ketubah Samples – Artistic Expression in Ketubah

Read a brief history of the Ketubah and the available Texts Ketubah Samples - there are only a few to display, but it offers an idea how vibrant they are and can be appealing with artistic expression. Below, ketubah samples are linked directly to … [Read more...]

Ketubah is The Jewish Wedding Contract by the Jewish Wedding Rabbi

The Jewish Wedding Contract is the mutual agreement between man and woman - the Ketubah. “It is not good that Man should be alone; I will make a helpmate for him.” (Genesis 2:18) Helpmate in the Talmud defines the purpose of husband and wife is … [Read more...]

Jewish Wedding Rituals and Customs

Jewish wedding rituals have been an important part of Jewish weddings for generations. Their symbolism adds so much beauty and meaning to the celebration of two lives and families joining together. I am amazed at the family history and creativity … [Read more...]

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