Order of Wedding Ceremony

Part 1 of 7 Signing of the Ketubah The Jewish Order of Wedding Ceremony Guide consists of seven parts, the first of which is the signing of the Ketubah. Today, the modern Ketubah is signed by two appointed witnesses, who are not blood related … [Read more...]

Veiling of the Bride

Part 2 of 7 Jewish Wedding Ceremony Order The Badeken, veiling of the bride by her bridegroom, takes place immediately after the signing of the Ketubah and in the same place. The Rabbi assists the groom in reciting a specific blessing to his bride … [Read more...]

Jewish Wedding Vows and Ring Ceremony – Kiddushin

Part 4 of 7 Jewish Wedding Ceremony Order The Jewish wedding vows and ring ceremony is part of the Jewish ceremony called Kiddushin. The bride and groom are welcomed into the Chuppah, with blessings recited by the Rabbi. The bride and groom … [Read more...]

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Order

Part 7 of 7 Yichud - Private Reflection The final part in the Jewish wedding ceremony order of service is Yichud. The bride and groom are required to have time alone away from family and guests to reflect on what just took place - their … [Read more...]

Jewish Weddings: Breaking Through the Glass

Jewish Weddings - Almost universally in all cultures, a broken glass signifies something. For some broken glass brings seven years of good luck, for others broken glass is believed to have quite the opposite effect. In business, women struggle to … [Read more...]

Wedding Guidance

What to Do? A Bride's and Groom's Parent's Stressful Involvement - Wedding Guidance This time in both your lives can be wonderful and stressful. Planning weddings are when the best and worst come out from those we love. You’re blessed with … [Read more...]

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