Business Deductions Tax Benefit Tax Season

  BUSINESS DEDUCTIONS AS TAX SEASON LOOMS  - Deadline December 31st SBA says... The holiday season will be here soon and tax season looms, many small business owners are likely considering charitable contributions and donations can impact the … [Read more...]

#renewalrh2016 Rosh Hashanah

Renewalrh2016  #renewalrh2016 Hashtag is Ready! Rosh Hashanah #renewalrh2016 gathering is taking place Sunday, October 2, 2016 in the evening.  Erev Rosh Hashanah. Are you looking for a place to attend for Rosh Hashanah?  #renewalrh2016 is … [Read more...]

Wedding Officiant Honorarium (Fee) Guide – Wedding Guidance

Note: Wedding Officiant Honorarium (Fee) Guide does not only apply to a Jewish Wedding .  Life cycle events such as... Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Bris, Baby Naming for newborn boys and for newborn Girls , Funeral, Unveiling and any other Jewish life … [Read more...]

Smashing Rabbi! News! Smashing The Glass Jewish Wedding Blog!

Smashing Rabbi!  Special Announcement! I am honored to announce I am an official 'Smashing Supplier' , the Smashing Rabbi!  You can find Rabbi Andrea Frank, the Jewish Wedding Rabbi on the ever popular, London-based, Smashing the Glass Blog. The … [Read more...]

Blessings, Shabbat, Holiday, Brit Bat

  Blessings! Blessings for Shabbat Blessings for a good weekend Blessings to say, Shabbat, see you next week, Havdalah Blessings for Shavuot, the Giving of the Torah Blessings for the baby girls for their Brit Bat Naming Ceremonies per … [Read more...]

Spring Babies!

Spring Babies are here! In between Passover Preview Preparations A SURGE of Telephone Calls for Baby Naming Ceremonies are Requested. The Spring Babies have arrived! The Parents emphasized; tradition, honoring the memory of someone special and … [Read more...]

Passover R U Ready!

Passover is Here Again! Passover, R U Ready!   Are you waiting until the last moment to shop for the Passover items?  Be ready, the shelves will not be as fully stock as it was in the month of March.   Here are a few tips. Stop and Shop has a … [Read more...]

Rabbi the Teacher – The Definition for Rabbi is Teacher

Rabbi the Teacher - Rabbi Teaches in Many Ways Rabbi the Teacher teaches in many ways with news to report. It gives me great pleasure to Announce I have created a Webinar.  The Webinar is for the Member Only ABC Association of Bridal Consultants. … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning Couples

Wedding Planning - With beauty and flowing with elegance The process before the big day, Wedding Planning, these last few months have been wonderful! Its been such a pleasure to meeting my couples for their first Wedding Meeting and for others, … [Read more...]

Weddings – You are the One!

Weddings - this is why I Do what I Do! You've reached the page that started it all for this Rabbi on the internet, weddings.  After much research, discovering that bride, grooms, mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-groom, father-of-the-bride and … [Read more...]

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