Breaking of the glass

by Michael

Groom's Breaking Glass is available for purchase on

Groom’s Breaking Glass is available for purchase on

Is this required before sunset?

This is the Jewish custom for the Glass to be stepped upon to conclude our Jewish weddings. There are no set rules for at what time of day, simply at the end of the ceremony.

The symbolism is to connect us where we came from; how we got here; all that we learned from our Jewish history and to never forget the original temples that provided all that we know today as per tradition in the Jewish faith.

Even at the most joyous occasions, we are never to forget our history and by breaking the glass, it reminds us how blessed we truly are to observe the beautiful customs and traditions of our faith. For the two of you, how blessed you are along with your bride receiving G-d’s blessings for your marriage under the Chuppah wedding canopy.

May your marriage be an abiding blessing, and may the traditions of our people continue with the two of you from generation to generation. Amen

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