Breaking of the Glass

by Waiting to be a Jewish Bride
(Middle America)

Dear Rabbi,

The glass for the ceremony for the Groom to break is difficult to find. I do not have those Jewish stores close by to shop. I think I found them on different web sites.

Why are there different colors and styles available?

Jewish marriage customs are beautiful by the way and the breaking of the glass custom is one we both like very much because it symbolizes our union.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Eager Bride-to-be

Dear Eager Jewish Bride-to-be,

I have terrific news! I just opened Shop! Jewish Wedding Judaica Shop for the Jewish marriage customs products.

Your in luck, I have the breaking of the glass available in colors, and designs for individual tastes.

As I worked with many of my couples, I was noticing a pattern of the delay and even leaving the shopping for last minute for such items. That is where my inspiration came from. Why not make it easier for my couples and have those essential products available to them from the Rabbi. Simple solution for the couples I plan to officiate and bless their union in marriage, but then what about those I am not.

Yes, I thought of you, even though I am not your Rabbi for your wedding. Simple, straight forward shopping for your ceremony. I focus on ceremonies as a Rabbi and I focused on the Jewish marriage customs and the ritual items needed to honor them.

To answer your question about why different colors and designs. I am happy you asked. The artist’s that created the breaking glass at Jewish wedding is so that you have a keepsake of its symbolism from your wedding in your home, not the wedding storage keepsake box. They are called Judaica Artists who created pieces of artwork to be displayed in your home. You take the glass shards and place them in the art pieces. I soon will add some of those after wedding day Jewish art.

I have been told by my couples that they received such pieces of art as wedding gifts during their bridal shower.

The colors, the designs were simply created for individual tastes and likes. Maybe you have specific wedding colors to match or you just happen to like a particular color.

Enjoy that wonderful moment when you and your groom make the sound of the breaking glass and hear joys of Mazel Tov!

With many blessing for your marriage,
Rabbi Andrea Frank

Visit Jewish Wedding Judaica Shop for Jewish marriage customs as the breaking of the glass.

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Breaking of the Glass

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Thank you Rabbi, such good news!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for opening a shop for bride and groom couples.

I found shopping online a bit too much, too busy, too much. Your shop is simple, straight forward.

Yes, I needed breaking glass at Jewish wedding for me and my husband-to-be.

Looking forward to those joys of Mazel Tov!

Good luck with your shop!

I will check back for those art pieces for my shards. Wow!

Happy Bride to be! Leave your comments below.

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