Breaking of the glass in Jewish ceremony not done by a Rabbi?

by Karen Kaye

Gary Rosenthal Groom's Breaking Glass for Jewish Wedding Ceremonies

Gary Rosenthal Groom’s Breaking Glass for Jewish Wedding Ceremonies

What is said before it gets broken ?? There are 2 Jewish people , and only the groom breaks the glass ,,,is that correct and what prayer is said?

The breaking glass was always stepped on by the Groom. Its symbolism is to never forget the destruction of the Temples in Israel. Its also has the symbolism for the wedding couple being married Under the Chuppah, the wedding canopy. That the couple’s marriage, commitment to each other is much stronger, and difficult to break, than the pieces of the glass.

Mazel Tov!

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Rabbi Andrea Frank when she discovers great resources, will always share for Rabbi is defined as teacher.

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