Bat Mitzvahs

Mazel Tov!  Bat Mitzvahs for our daughters.


Bat Mitzvahs for our daughters.  When a family leaves a temple community for various reasons, they still have the connection to their faith.  It doesn’t change, only where they attend.   We as Cultural Jews intertwine Judaism into our lives.  We know who we are, we have values and keep what is important, our family connections.  Holidays are in our homes, sharing with friends Jewish and not.  Embracing all the beautiful customs and traditions.

Specialty Bat Mitzvah Cake for Maia

Specialty Bat Mitzvah Cake for Maia

Maia retained her Hebrew reading from her Hebrew school days and fulfilled her obligations on her Ceremony Day with ease.   She read from Torah for the first time publicly and gave an in-depth D’var Torah about her Torah portion.  She carried and lifted the Torah with great honor.  Her Hebrew Name happened to be Miriam and Miriam was part of her Torah portion.  The Number 7 was everywhere for Maia which continued to remind her as our weekly prayers do, 6 days of Creation with the 7th day of rest.

Mazel Tov!  Maia became a Bat Mitzvah with great honor and blessing.  It was a blessing and an honor to teach you in our modern day world as we embrace the beautiful customs and traditions of our faith.  For our daughters can have the honor of Bat Mitzvahs.

L’Dor V’Dor, from Generation to Generation since Ancient Times.





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