Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Party Themes

bar mitzvah party Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Party Themes

Bar and Bat Mitzvah mark the beginning of a new phase of life for the Jewish child. Meaning literally “son/daughter of commandment”, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a formal coming of age celebration to signify the maturity and responsibility that will now be expected of these young adults.

The significance of the ceremony is typically honored by a party which can be a simple gathering of family and friends or an elaborate affair often rivaling wedding receptions.

Since the Bar/Bat Mitzvah party is one of the main highlights in a young person’s life, many months of thought and planning are invested in selecting the right theme and making the event both special and memorable.

Some honorees choose a sports theme or recreate the fun and excitement of a Hawaiian Luau, while others prefer the more traditional and opt for a Chanukah theme.

Every girl loves to feel like a celebrity smiling for the paparazzi, or a princess awaiting her knight in shining armor; and, a Winter Wonderland or Hollywood/Movie themed Bat Mitzvah party allows her to live out the romance and fantasy of her dreams, if only for one night.

Every young boy enjoys the adventure of being a cowboy protecting his frontier town, or the thrill of a being a risk taker and trying his hand at the roulette table, so a Wild West or Casino Night Themed Bar Mitzvah party provides the perfect opportunity for him to test his bravado and prove his skill or entrepreneurship.

The Bar of Bat Mitzvah party themes of choice for some may be a fun Candyland, American Idol or Game Theme; or, the honoree may prefer the more elegant and sophisticated Masquerade Ball or Cinderella Story.

Regardless of the choice, the night should reflect the personality and preference of the guest of honor and create an evening that will commemorate this significant event.

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