Avoid Wedding Debt – A Guide

couple-debt Can you really avoid wedding debt? After all, today weddings can be costly. The average, traditional wedding can cost $20,000-$35,000. Still, with wise planning and budgeting, you CAN start your marriage free of wedding debt.

How to Avoid Wedding Day Debt
A couple needs to sit down, by themselves, and discuss what type and size of wedding is wanted, and what is needed (i.e. traditional, small, medium, destination wedding etc.) Avoid wedding debt by listing what you really want and what you can do without.

Do you really need an open bar at your wedding day reception? Did you know that your wedding day budget percentage goes more towards the cost of an open bar? A good caterer is a flexible caterer.

What is more important… to afford a house or that nice sized apartment with the balcony or the big wedding with a costly open bar? Do you want both? Then the key answer is… making a budget and avoid wedding debt. If both are working, can money be put aside from each paycheck and be able to meet those monthly obligations i.e. rent, car insurance etc.?

If the couple is blessed to have their parents who have saved for their children’s wedding day, then it is a blessing. Today, most couples do not have that blessing for one reason for another.

Planning a wedding is the start for a couple to work together as a team. If it needs to be a long engagement in order to afford the type of wedding that was decided together, then so be it. Accept that decision together, work at it and reaching that wedding day will be appreciated in more ways than ever imagined.

Remember, a couple’s wedding day is their special day, but the reality is – it is only a day. It is the marriage, the union of two becoming one that is most important and it lasts more than a day.

Avoid starting out a marriage by working together to avoid financial wedding debt. It is the best feeling to say “we did it together!” Look back on that day with happy memories, maybe a few fumbles, and be wedding debt free.

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Tips on Avoiding Wedding Debt

Did you find creative ways to cut costs and avoid wedding day debt when planning for your special day? If so, we encourage you to share them here and help other couples keep their weddings on budget.

Typical wedding costs seem to be driving more and more young couples into debt, therefore, we appreciate any wedding cost saving tips our visitors share. Let’s help our next generation start their marriages free of wedding debts by providing them with as many budget wedding tips as we can.

Your avoiding wedding debt tips are welcome.

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