Adult B Mitzvah – Fulfill That Missed Moment at Age 13 by becoming an Adult Bar Mitzvah or Adult Bat Mitzvah

Adult Bat Mitzvah

Yes, you can become an Adult Bat Mitzvah

Dear Rabbi Andrea
It’s official, after months of studying, I became an Adult Bat Mitzvah. Rabbi Andrea officiated a beautiful ceremony, my guests could not stop talking about it and I could not have been any happier. Thank you Rabbi Andrea for such a special day and helping me to strenghten my knowledge, understanding and pride of being a Jew! I will truly miss our classes!

What is an Adult B Mitzvah?
Simply, an Adult B Mitzvah is the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah you never had at age 13. The Reform Movement has created a program allowing adults to fulfill that desire, that tug you have to been feeling to have the ceremony to read from the Torah.

It is never too late to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. During World War II, many Jewish children in Europe were not able to have ceremonies. Many waited until years later when they were adults.

Many adults today have realized their dreams of becoming Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah and many more are in the process of preparing for it. Programs specifically for adults are offered in most temples and synagogues to learn the Hebrew and prayers in preparation for this wonderful occasion. In most temples and synagogues, this is a two-year program running from October to May, usually between the end of Sukkot and the beginning of Passover. This is because the teacher, who is often the Cantor, has many other duties during the Jewish Holidays and is unable to hold classes during that time.

I Am Not A Member of a Congregation
If you are not a member of a temple or synagogue, don’t be disheartened. This program is still available to you and in less the time than the class the two-year program with the Cantor. No matter the age, anyone can learn Hebrew. You can learn the most important prayers for Shabbat services and the blessings often recited.

  • With your busy schedule, can you make the commitment to spare the time for lessons?
  • Can you make the commitment to study 5-minutes a day?
  • Then, you have what it takes to learn and fulfill your dream

Imagine going to the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah of a friend or relatives child and being able to follow in the prayer book. How wonderful to follow in the prayerbook and sitting in the sanctuary watching time go by.

Or better yet, being able to recite certain blessings in your home around the Holiday table and reading the Hebrew instead of the English translation. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but a feeling of connection to your faith’s language.

Alternative B Mitzvah Preparation

  • Learn Hebrew alphabet along with its vowels
  • Learn to read Hebrew words after mastering the Hebrew alphabet
  • Learn prayerbook Hebrew prayers after learning how to read Hebrew words
  • Learn, read, write and be able to present a Devar Torah (sermon) on the Torah portion YOU WOULD OF READ AT AGE 13 during your ceremony (This is an amazing moment!)
  • Learn to read a few lines of the weekly Torah parsha (portion) for your ceremony
  • After mastering learning Hebrew, learning to read Torah for your Ceremony day; a 1-hour moving Shabbat worship service lead by you and Rabbi A. Frank will take place

online bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah lessons

Exciting News!
Rabbi A. Frank’s Virtual Classroom is now all set up

Prayer-book Hebrew Lessons can now take place in a secure virtual classroom with a web cam, audio and a black board (actually on the computer it is called a white board).

The Rabbi Educator and the Adult student can see the lessons on the same screen in real time.


  • A one-year or weekly commitment is not necessary when one-on-one tutoring takes place. Usually, in six months.
  • Each student’s time frame of preparation is based upon Hebrew reading level
  • Each Adult student’s level is different
  • However, all that Rabbi Andrea requires is a desire to learn and succeed and she would be honored
  • Ceremony included – for the Tri State area (i.e. New York City (Manhattan), New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester County, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens) and out of state ceremonies can be arranged based on availability in Rabbi’s calendar
  • Ceremony is as important as lessons to Rabbi. Plan well in advance for Rabbi to conduct ceremony as well.
  • Weekday lessons available for those with flexible hours and working at home opportunties. Inquire about weeknights.
  • Weekends are for life cycle ceremonies;

Adult B Mitzvah – Fulfill That Missed Moment at Age 13 by becoming an Adult Bar Mitzvah or Adult Bat Mitzvah

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