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A Wedding Couple’s Personal Sentiments…

Rabbi Andrea was our wedding officiant. She is AWESOME! She traveled all the way to Canada to perform our ceremony. Rabbi Andrea made our dreams come true. We don’t know what we would have done without her. All of our guests said how beautiful our ceremony was and that it was by far the best that they have seen. Our wedding day was so special and thanks to Rabbi Andrea we knew that we had nothing to worry about. She truly went out of her way to accommodate us and we are extremely appreciative of her. Rabbi Andrea is on the ball with everything and so kind and caring. She will double and triple check everything to make sure it is right. This is the Rabbi that you want for you special day. Thanks so much Rabbi Andrea.
You will forever be our Rabbi.
Our love,Alan and Rajka

“In order to teach, one must learn, study, experience, take part, and then lead” – Rabbi Andrea Frank

About Rabbi Andrea’s Jewish communal experience in performing the sacred functions of the Reform Synagogue; interacted on the many levels of congregational activity along with the core values of Reform Judaism offered about Rabbi Andrea the opportunity to serve the unaffiliated. Abraham sat with all sides of his tent opened to welcome all. The unaffiliated, those who leave their temple congregation for many reasons has much of a need for a Rabbi as anyone part of a temple building with a congregation.

Read below on Reform Judaism, the Reform Movement Core Values

While the search for faith and encounter with God is at the heart of commitment as Jews, Rabbi Frank recognizes the many different ways in which individuals define and experience their religious beliefs.

Reform Judaism is ever changing which had given women opportunities to go beyond the curtain to study Jewish law and serving the community by leading T’fillah (prayer), Torah and life cycle ceremonies.

About Rabbi Andrea: Background
About Rabbi Andrea is not only an Ordained Reform Rabbi, but a Teaching Rabbi as well. She holds a Master of Theology Th.M., received her ordination from Esoteric Theological Seminary, Graduate and Ambassador with 36 credits of completed coursework.  Is affiliated with the Congregation L’Dor V’Dor, Reform, and is an active member of the Association of Bridal Consultants New York Chapter, League of Woman Clergy, Interfaith Family, American Association of Wedding Officiants. Awarded WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards since 2009-present, placing in the top five percent of Wedding Pros. Featured in New York Times Article, “Bar Mitzvah Studies Take to the Web” Nationwide, reaching many seeing that the Bar / Bat Mitzvah outside the temple walls, online Jewish Teachings, has grown fulfilling the need for families seeking to honor this coming of age life cycle ceremony.

About Rabbi Andrea is Registered & Authorized to sign New York State Marriage Licenses via Office of the City Clerk of The City of New York.  She performs Religious and Civil Ceremonies. Rabbi Andrea has officiated weddings from East to West Coast in the United States, Europe, and on board Cruise Ships. Whether the wedding is in a catering hall, restaurant, backyard, home, park, and so on Rabbi Andrea is there to officiate.

She is called “The Jewish Wedding Rabbi” because of her continual interest in teaching individuals on all topics of Jewish customs with regards to Jewish Ceremony Customs and life cycles; Baby naming, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Funeral, Unveiling, Civil Wedding ceremony, Conversion Yahrzeit and more. She teaches via a Virtual Classroom. The Jewish Wedding Rabbi website offers resources of information to learn about the Jewish Wedding for couples who are both Jewish and for interfaith couples where one partner is Jewish making that commitment to have one faith in their marriage and home. Her web site is set up to educate all couples on the Jewish wedding ceremony customs and rituals. It lets a couple feel connected to tradition of over 2,000 years ago from generation to generation even for the modern couple.

About Rabbi Andrea Frank’s personal spiritual journey flourished over time from her younger years she has been surrounded by Rabbi’s and Cantors in her family. The Bethpage Jewish Community Center was her home away from home. Her encounter with clergy educators validated her calling, leading her to become an Ordained Reform Rabbi with traditional connections.

Rabbi Andrea’s goal is to reach the “congregation without walls.”

Her maternal great grandfather and the generations before him were Kohanim, the priestly tribal families. The Kohanim had the responsibility of conducting the service in God’s temple, and were the spiritual leaders of the people. Reform Judaism does not differentiate in any way of daughters and sons and so she is part of the Kohanim.

About Rabbi Andrea participated and sang in various choirs enjoying Jewish Music. Music is central to the religious experience and has always been a part of the people. The Torah is publicly read or chanted forming a deeper communication. As far back as King David, all religious ceremonies were accompanied by music. During the first temple, the Psalms were composed. By the time of the second temple, the order of which are the Psalms at each prayer service we know today became firmly established.

The stripes on the tallit are purposely designed straight for Judaism to be continuous without ending; L’Dor V’Dor from Generation to Generation.

We can learn from Abraham;
God chose he leadest a nation;
welcomed all into his tent.


Listen to Processional wedding music selections for your Jewish wedding ceremony.

Please read further:
Rabbi in the Torah – Jewish History, the Past, the Present, the Internet

About Rabbi Andrea: Location

About Rabbi Andrea resides in Westchester County, New York and able to assist those in the Metropolitan area; New York (including New York City-Manhattan), Queens, Brooklyn and the surrounding locations in Westchester County, Connecticut, Long Island and New Jersey.

Most creative wedding ceremony locations can be accommodated – each wedding reflects the personalities of the couple.

About Rabbi Andrea happy to assist to officiate your wedding anywhere in the United States; Chicago, Texas, California, North Carolina, Florida to name a few states and everywhere else in between. You can have your destination Jewish wedding in the Caribbean, Mexico, St. Thomas, Bahamas and Bermuda. Cruise ships Wedding Ceremonies when in port (docked). Central Park is a popular place for a ceremony.

Civil Wedding Ceremonies – Rabbi Andrea is registered and authorized to sign your New York City/State Marriage License. Making your marriage legal and binding. Civil wedding ceremonies are separate from a religious ceremony. Yes, the Rabbi will officiate all faiths for a Civil Wedding marriage ceremony without the religious element.

About Rabbi Andrea: to reach the “congregation without walls.”

Reform Judaism, Reform Movement Core Values:
The Reform Movement is the largest Jewish religious movement in North America

  • A God-centered Judaism that combines respect for Jewish law and Jewish tradition with a progressive religious outlook designed to remain relevant and meaningful to contemporary North American Jews
  • A commitment to Torah (lifelong Jewish learning), Avodah (worship of God through prayer and observance), and G’milut Hasadim (the pursuit of justice, peace, and deeds of loving kindness) – expressed in lifelong study of the sacred Jewish texts, creativity and spirituality in worship, and social action fulfilling the vision of the Prophets
  • A commitment to klal Yisrael, the entirety of the Jewish people, with special focus on the people and the state of Israel, and on world Jewry, particularly on the needs of Progressive congregations everywhere
  • A community-focused religion that honors the personal autonomy of the individual, egalitarianism with openness and acceptance)

Why I built this web site?
Today, the Internet is revolutionizing our lives. I chose to immerse myself by building a web site and serve in a technological form to reach out to a “world wide web congregation”. The World Wide Web unites us through the net by common interests and instant communication, all in the comforts of our home.

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